Broadcasting Francisco's HTGAA chronicles from The Beach Lab

Francisco's Assignments

My name is Francisco Sanchez Arroyo, I am the founder of The Beach Lab, a Fab Lab located in Sitges, Spain. Here you can find my personal experience in the first, messy and crazy edition of HTGAA'15 (How to Grow Almost Anything). Documentation covers the assignments and also setting up the lab and the (unexpected) process of learning about genetics and biology. If you need to reach me, drop me a note at

I am updating and improving the documentation during HTGAA'16. Since the web hook is disconnected you can find the most up-to-date version at


Week 1. Principles and Practices - 26 August
Week 2. DNA Nanostructures - 2 September
Week 3. Synthetic Minimal Cells - 9 September
Week 4. Next generation synthesis - 16 September <-- We are here this week
Week 5. Bio production - 23 September
Week 6. Darwin on steroids: Bio design, diversity & selection - 30 September
Week 7. Genome Engineering - 7 October
Week 8. Fluorescence In Situ Sequencing (FISSEQ) - 14 october
Week 9. Synthetic development biology - 21 october
Week 10. 3D Bioprinting - 28 october
Week 11. Gene Drives & Synthetic Ecosystems - 4 november
Week 12. Engineering the Human Microbiome - 11 November
Week 13. Bio molecule sensors - 18 November
Week 14. Break
Week 15. Tool Chains, Automation and Open Hardware - 2 December
Week 16. Invention and intellectual property - 9 December
Week 17. Final presentations - 13 January

Final project

Final Project presentation

Before starting HTGAA

Working with repositories
Writing documentation
From Fab Lab to Bio Lab
HTGAA for dummies